Plastic Fasteners

Plastic fasteners are cheap, created in mass quantities, and serve a great many different purposes. In most cases, you may not even notice the presence of a plastic fastener; they are usually quite small and are mainly designed to visually blend into the objects they are connecting. Plastic fasteners fill a vital role, and without them, it would not be possible to combine such items as plastic trim, onto vehicles. Due to their versatility, and relative cheap outlay, these tools are extremely cost effective and much cheaper than processes like welding.

This type of fastener is usually created using an injection molding process. Molten plastic gets injected into a pre-designed mold that has hollows that mimic the shape of the part being made. When the plastic is hardened and removed from the mold, what is left will be the completed item.

What are the benefits and types of plastic fasteners?

Plastic fasteners are available in a huge range of designs, sizes, and shapes. Each different design will serve a valid purpose depending on each owns intended industry.

Some of the common types are listed below:

Cable Ties

Plastic cable ties are an infinitely useful form of fastener that can seal the openings on things like plastic bags. A cable tie is a single piece of molded plastic that has a series of ridges at one end. These ribs pass through a special clip in one direction to form a loop, but cannot be pulled back through the other direction. The bond created from a cable tie is durable and reliable. Cables ties are utilized residentially, as well as in construction and factories.

Plastic panel fasteners

These small plastic items can be used for car interiors and exteriors and also on furniture. This simple device looks almost like a screw and has a round flat head and a series of diagonal ridges. These ridges are what secures the fastener in place. Panel fasteners are used to fasten two materials together such as a plastic trim to the metal frame of a car.
Plastic Rivets

Similar to plastic panel fasteners, rivets serve the same purpose and can be used to fasten two surfaces together. Plastic rivets usually have a ridged area and a flat top like the panel fastener, but will also have a second circular section that helps push in to form the connection.
Plastic snap fasteners

These are a form of fastening that is used mainly in clothing, but also in some packaging applications. The two sections of the snap fastener can be pushed together with pressure to form a tight bond.
These are just a tiny variety of the immense amount of plastic fasteners available on the market today, and manufacturers continually develop new designs and ways to use this fascinating little object.


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